Piano Pedagogy Lessons

Many distinguished musicians and teachers began teaching as teenagers while they completed their academic and musical education. Therefore, Prudence Leung Music Studio offers piano pedagogy lessons (3 levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced), using the RCM Pedagogy Certificate program as guideline to provide young teachers or senior piano students who began to teach or have an interest in teaching with information which will help them establish themselves in the community or an independent studio. Lessons are divided into 2 sessions.

The first session is in a written course which is about basic knowledge, theory and application. It is offered in private or group class format. The second session is viva voce, a hands-on participation class, where students interact and demonstrate their learned knowledge by discussion and demonstration. It is recommended to take as a custom made private lesson so that the student could benefit the most. A variety of topics such as pedagogical issues such as building a professional and successful studio, teaching materials and methods, technical matters, memorization and motivation, teaching materials and methods, use of modern technology, musicianship and artistic considerations, and choosing appropriate teaching repertoire are covered.