Piano Lessons (Advanced Level)

Piano lessons are more than just learning to read, play, and appreciate music. It is also a lesson in self-discipline, thinking, mind-body coordination, memory, organization, planning, and self-expression.

At an advanced level, piano lessons are custom made to focus on building stronger technique, developing the student’s own style and interpretation, and making use of different physical body movements according to appropriate styles and tone colors.  We do not only teach classical music in the studio. Other kinds of music, such as chamber music (collaborating with peers and local orchestras), pop, and jazz music are often introduced and taught to widen the students’ scopes of musical appreciation. Prudence Leung Music Studio is equipped with 2 side by side concert grand pianos to enrich students’ performing experiences. This provides opportunities to collaborate with other colleagues and accompanists, as well as learning orchestral music. We also offer post-secondary music school audition preparation as some advanced students might wish to pursue their musical education at a university level.