Piano Lessons (Junior to Intermediate levels)

Piano lessons are more than just learning to read, play, and appreciate music. It is also a lesson in self-discipline, thinking, mind-body coordination, memory, organization, planning, and self-expression.

Prudence believes that each student is different and learns at a different pace; and therefore, each student should have a custom-made program to accommodate individual interests, strengths, and weaknesses. For younger students, a parent attending the lesson is recommended. Having dedicated support and understanding from parents is essential for a child to learn effectively and generate interest in music. It is important for a student to have a good foundation to excel in higher levels. Therefore in the junior levels, physical and posture are emphasized as well as the fundamentals of staff reading and rhythm counting. During the lesson, a variety of repertoire, technique, ear training, and sight-reading exercises are covered to build an all-round musician. In order to foster a student’s passion for music, a wide range of music is introduced to broaden his scope of discovery and his authentic flair. For that reason, Prudence does not only teach classical music in the studio, other kinds of music such as chamber music (collaboration with peers or the teacher), pop, and jazz music are often introduced and taught.

As the student advances, lessons are designed and taught to encompass more different styles, concepts, theoretical, and historical backgrounds to guide the student to foster his/her own performance style and music interpretation. More focus will be put on physical movements, music interpretation and expressions.