Teaching Philosophy and Focuses

Prudence has started music teaching as her career long before she came to the age to decide what career she likes. Her sharing, curious, careful and creative nature of her personality has made her a natural teacher. Prudence believes that students have always learned from the ways their teacher presents herself such as her attitudes; her love for music; her passion for teaching; and her beliefs. Prudence’s commitment in music has played a live model to her student. Her ultimate goal is to discover, develop and unleash the students’ talent to help them become successful musicians.

Her teaching focuses in:

  • a tailor-made program with close observation corrections and a variety of pedagogical techniques and styles in order to diagnose, and customize a practice plan which is adjusted to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure the most effective results under a professional, and friendly learning environment
  •  effective strategies to memorize
  •  the proper posture and the use of body to create different tone colors
  • creative approach to build strong technique foundation and interest in music appreciation
  • expressing  themselves through music
  • improving students’ performances by deeper understanding of background, different styles, concepts, theoretical structure and historical backgrounds of the repertoire
  • Using her strong background in music theory analysis and music interpretation to provide students customized repertoire that will bring out their strength and talent as well as fostering students to develop their own performance styles and music interpretation

Some of which are essential skills that students can build on for the rest of their lives as well as apply to life beyond the study of music.